Outdoor activities
at Casa Pecchenino

During your stay at Casa Pecchenino, you can choose from numerous touristic, sportive and leisure activities that will lead you to discover the history, traditions, landscapes and scents of the wonderful Langhe, recognized as a Unesco site since 2014.



Mountain biking is a discipline that makes the roster of activities in the Langhe even richer, constituting a particular attraction for the most trained.
E-bikes, on the other hand, are an ideal tool for creating an activity that is possible for everyone, including children. It is also possible to organize a trip for families with the little ones arranged on the seats or more comfortable in little carts.

From Casa Pecchenino you can access more than 150 km of trails (including single track) and gravel roads between the Langa Doglianese, Alta Langa and Langa del Barolo which are periodically restored, prepared and maintained.
Upon arrival at Casa Pecchenino, it is possible to book E-bikes and later study together a more suitable and customized route by firstly assessing the ability and need of the bikers. Two road bikes are also available for road bikers.




At Casa Pecchenino you can also book guided tours with Attilio who is a certified bicycle tour guide from the Piedmont Region.

In collaboration with the bike tour guides of A.S.D. Outdoor tramonti e mari del Monregalese, it is also possible to organize, by reservation, a unique experience divided over three days with departure from Barolo and arrival in Spotorno: La Langhe – Mare. A truly unique full-optional package. La Langhe – Mare is a package that can be customized for every need. With the availability of just one day, it is possible to organize even just the first 65-kilometer route with departure from Barolo and arrival in Vicoforte. Return in the evening to Casa Pecchenino.

Trekking and outdoor nature observation

Among vineyards, hazelnut groves and woods: herbs, sprouts and tubers... From meadows to the table

Along with an evocative name, which makes one think of the far East, and a very Italian surname: our collaborator is Mailing Pisano, a young environmental hiking guide from Piedmont and professional naturopath with a passion for phytoalimurgy. In this activity, different species can be observed in their natural habitat. This curious name is used to identify the botanical science that deals with wild edible plants. We actively promote the preservation of nature and animals together. Mailing loves to walk long distances, and from the union with her great passion for botany and phytoalimurgy it was born the desire to share walks, moments of companionship and “going for flowers and herbs”. Mailing is president of dell’Associazione Culturale Arboreto Prandi and also a Guide in Parco Aree Protette Alpi Marittime and she is involved in environmental education through projects on biodiversity protection, articles and stories about botanical species and traditions of the Piedmont region.


in Bossolasco at 700 meters above sea level

Rediscovering ancient flavors and traditions with a rich tasting of local products with 0-km cheeses and cured meats accompanied by Pecchenino wines that come right from the vineyards of Bossolasco. The tasting is organized at the top of the vineyard with a 360-degree panorama of the Alta Langa, Ligurian Alps, Valli Monregalesi, Maritime Alps, Langa del Barolo and even Mont Blanc.

A journey in search of the white truffle of Alba

Another unique experience in contact with nature that is organized in collaboration with the l’Associazione Trifolao del Monregalese e del Cebano. It is possible to spend the half-day with the trifulao and their fantastic dogs searching for truffles. The wood where the search takes place is a centuries-old forest owned by Pecchenino located near the farm (certified by the Piedmont Region). There are oaks, birches, and saliconi poplars that are identified among the best plants that give rise to this precious tuber.