Monforte d'Alba

Monforte is one of the 11 municipalities that characterise the Barolo area, with respect to which it is located on the south-east. The family’s investments in this municipality began in 2004 with the acquisition of vineyards in the Le Coste di Monforte MGA, followed by the purchase of lands in the Bussia “Corsini” MGA in 2006. The winery in Monforte is the result of an acquisition in the year 2013 of lands in the Ravera di Monforte MGA and a farmhouse, later renovated and used for the vinification of its Barolo wines. Le Coste di Monforte MGA and Ravera di Monforte MGA are located in the eastern part of the communal area and originate from land in the Lequio Formation. The Bussia MGA, more westward, rises instead on a land of the Helvetian period.